Simon Tam (simon_doctor) wrote,
Simon Tam

The first surprise is that the textwave reaches him care of Serenity.

The second is its content.

Dr. Tam,

Ni hao. In regard to our earlier offer, you mentioned the possibility of revisiting the question in a year's time.

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Drs. Michael Oberste and Hana Mitel, who are heading our newest program: a rotating mobile clinic circuit on the Rim and Border worlds, to begin work within the next two months. They hope to establish a working relationship with you, as the most experienced doctor currently practicing in an area that we all believe has been too long neglected. I have appended a missive from Drs. Oberste and Mitel, including the names of the eight physicians working under them.

Also appended you will find a revisited proposal regarding the assistant directorship of the Rural Health Research Initiative. While it is not the same job we offered you last year, I think you may find it an interesting one.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Dr. Gloria Kaneka

He sits staring at the text for several minutes before he opens either of the attachments. The first one is brief but courteous, and includes at least one name he recognizes from the training course on the portable imager at Gage.

The second attachment does, in fact, prove to be a very interesting one.

It's quite some time before Simon gets to sleep, that night.
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